Top 5 Myths About Structural RTU Frames

Myths and Facts About QuickFrames

Top 5 Myths About Structural RTU Frames

By Tristan Jorgenson, Business Development, QuickFrames

Raise your hand if you think roof frames are the biggest pain in the… well, you know. Ok, everyone’s hands raised? More than anything, new customers tell us how much trouble angle iron roof frames have caused them. But, even still, we know that switching from the angle iron frames you’ve always used (despite their abundant flaws) to something new (QuickFrames RTU support frame) can create some questions. To help you sort fiction from fact, here are some common misconceptions about QuickFrames adjustable structural supports – along with the truth.

1. Myth: I can’t do anything that’s not on the plans.

Truth: Just because QuickFrames aren’t specified in your plans or included as an alternate doesn’t mean your hands are tied. In fact, our customers submit us for approval all the time. And better yet, the process is actually fast and easy. Just shoot us a note and we’ll get you what you need.

2. Myth: QuickFrames are only for tenant improvement jobs.

Truth: We hear this one a lot, and it probably stems from the fact that our frames are stars in the T.I. world. Yes, they excel in these sorts of applications because they don’t require welding and cost less to install. But, they’re just as perfectly suited for new construction. Customers who use them on new construction projects find that they’re faster, cheaper and can be moved later if locations change.

3. Myth: There’s no solution for the giant headaches that come with roof frames.

Truth: Clearly false! Some folks are resigned to the fact that roof frames are awful and will be a pain every time they deal with them. But it doesn’t have to be this way. This is exactly why QuickFrames were invented; to solve the headaches that angle iron frames bring with them.

4. Myth: Roof frames take a lot of coordination and detailing.

Truth: Angle irons do, but nope, this is simply not the case with QuickFrames. With us, there’s no detailing required, and you don’t have to wait on mechanical locations, thanks to our adjustability.

5. Myth: Installing frames underneath the deck costs a lot of money.

Truth: Your install time under the deck should be around 20-30 minutes per opening with QuickFrames, versus the two to three hours per opening required with angle iron frames. Once again, our frames are faster and way more manageable, which also equates to being far more affordable from start to finish.

Ready to move on from angle iron frames to actually good support frames? Request a quote here and get ready to be amazed.