Roof Drains

Roof drains are vital components of the roofing system. They direct water away from the roof, through the pipes and into the gutter system. During heavy rains, they remove excess water from the roof which helps preserve the integrity of the roofing system and protect the structure.

However, a good roof drain system is necessary for roof drains to function as they should. This means all roofing system components must work together seamlessly, from the frames to the hatches.

Our Simple Roof Drain System Design Solution

QuickFrames are adjustable roof frame systems that provide easy roof drain installation. Our galvanized roof frames support most applications due to their strength and engineering. Designed to withstand a variety of environmental challenges, these frames enable securely installed roof drains even when project plan changes occur.

There are two types of QuickFrames, both of which work well with roof drains:

  1. Bolt-in and adjustable frames: Pre-engineered for all roofing projects and assembled in place.
  2. Pre-engineered drop-in frames: Fully assembled, weldable frames recommended for new construction.

Install a Roof Drain in New or Existing Construction

All roofing systems need roof drains. The bigger your roof area is, the more roof drains you need. It’s no secret that commercial roof installation takes a lot of work. At QuickFrames, we provide a design solution to make roof work simpler.

Our roof frames can fit most sizes and configurations. Whether you’re installing roof drains in new or tenant improvement structures, our frames provide the support and structure roof drains require for water velocity flow. Some of the benefits of our products are:

  • Adjustable: Our frames can fit most roofing systems. Whether you are working on a low-sloped or flat roof drain system, our frames are versatile and in-field adjustable.
  • Easy to install: With their adaptability, QuickFrames can be easily adjusted to accommodate the size of your roof drains, making installation a breeze. They can also be moved if the locations of roof openings change.
  • No-weld solution: Some projects do not allow welding, which is not an issue with QuickFrames. Our roof frames have bolt-in functionality, so there’s no need for welding.
  • Durable material: QuickFrames are made with high tensile strength galvanized steel to support heavy equipment, but also to withstand the various environmental load capacities experienced throughout North America.
  • Readily available: We stock our steel roof frames in various sizes and configurations. If you have an urgent need for 25 frames or less, we can have them shipped the next day.
  • Suitable for various applications: Our roof frames are great for various applications. In addition to roof drains, they can also be used for HVAC units and RTUs, exhaust fans and vents, roof hatches and skylights.

Choose QuickFrames for Your Commercial Roof Drain

At QuickFrames, we pride ourselves on simplifying commercial roof installation. We design our roof frames to support various applications so roofing work becomes easier, quicker and more cost-efficient. If you’re looking for roof frames that can accommodate your commercial roof drains, you can count on QuickFrames.

Our roof frames are easy to install and don’t require technical expertise. You can have a 3/4″ impact driver and be good to go for installation. Contact us to get a service quote or ask an expert for advice.

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