3 Ways Your Mechanical Company Can Improve Your Next Remodel

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3 Ways Your Mechanical Company Can Improve Your Next Remodel

By Gregg Kussmann, Partner & Director of Business Development, QuickFrames

As a mechanical contractor, you’ve probably handled hundreds of remodels. But even though it might feel like you can go through the motions on autopilot, have you thought about how you can up the ante instead? Here are some ways that using QuickFrames can improve the outcomes of your next remodel – for you and your customers.

1. Increase safety: Mitigate fire hazards

We all know the risks of fire damage when working in improved spaces. But, other than covering or removing pieces of equipment that are in the way or abating roofing material that’s flammable, have you considered eliminating one of the biggest fire hazards of all from the project – welding?

Many of our customers who are mechanical contractors love that a QuickFrames structural support system is bolted in, rather than welded. This means they don’t have to worry about sparks or welding slag, and they also don’t have to spend extra time, energy and expense protecting existing items in a building from welding debris.

2. Reduce costs: Perform installations yourself

Your HVAC unit and other rooftop units each require an engineered RTU support frame. Historically, mechanical contractors or other stakeholders would hire a welder to weld in angle iron roof frames for this purpose. But that was before there was a better, more cost-effective way.

When you use QuickFrames, you cut costs significantly. Not only do you no longer need to hire an expensive welder, but you also can easily do the entire installation yourself with only a ¾” impact driver. It’s less hassle, too, since you don’t need to worry about getting welding leads up to the roof as you would with a welder.

3. Improve your schedule: No hold-ups

When we talk with mechanical contractors, they always tell us the same thing about roof frames: they’re a giant pain in the you-know-what. One of the main reasons is because there’s frequently an issue finding a qualified welder willing to work on smaller T.I. projects. That’s especially true in more rural areas. And when you do find one, chances are the price and schedule don’t meet your needs or budget.

When you use our adjustable structural supports, you don’t have to even think about those issues. You can install the frames, and if anything changes later, you simply adjust them or unbolt and move them entirely if needed. We also work hard to ship quickly, getting our frames to job sites in record time. Your schedule – and your productivity – will benefit.

We invite you to request a quote here and feel the difference during your next remodel.