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Let QuickFrames do the take-offs and eliminate your need to detail.

Need Just A Few Frames Quoted?

If you are working on a project requiring only a few frames and you know the basic requirements for how they will be used, just fill out the form to the right. We’ll get a quote back to you within 24 hours or less!

For each framed opening, using the frame type examples shown below, select the frame type number that most closely matches where the opening will be located relative to the joists/beams and enter that into the Type column. While RTUs are shown in these images, they apply to all types of roof top equipment. If none of the images match your configuration, enter (0).

Frame Outline Image

If the framing will only support the duct openings and not the curbing, enter the letter (Y) in the Duct Only column. If the framing will support the curbing and equipment, enter the letter (N).

Specify the center-to-center joist/beam spacing as shown by (A) in the image to the right.

When specifying the frame opening size (B), use the length of the opening running parallel to (running with) the joists or beams.

Install After Roof Image

Frame Type Duct Only Spacing (A) Opening (B) Weight Qty Equipment

Select the type of roofing on this project:

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Frame Type Examples

Roof Framing Configurations

Have A Large Or Complex Project? Let Us Do The Take-offs For You!

The simplest way for us to provide you with a customized QuickFrames quotation is for you to allow us to do the take-offs directly from the engineering drawing set.

We have developed an extensive database of roof top equipment information, such as sizes, weights, opening dimensions, and structural requirements that allows us to select the optimal roof frames for your applications. All you need to do is to provide us with access to your drawing set and then let us go to work for you. You can also have complete confidence that we treat all drawing sets as proprietary information and we respect the importance of confidentiality for anything you share with us.

The easiest way for us to access your files is for you to provide us with an FTP address, login and password. Or, if the file set is small enough, you can also email it to us.

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