Roof Exhaust Fan

Our Simple Solution for Roof Exhaust Fan Installation

When it comes to framing the installation of industrial roof exhaust fans, HVAC units, skylights and other heavy rooftop equipment, QuickFrames is the best solution. Traditional angle iron frames require much more time and effort, including scheduling time for fabrication and detailing, hiring a welder and accommodating additional safety requirements.

At QuickFrames, we work to meet your schedule, once your pre-assembled frames arrive on a job site, you can easily begin installation using an impact driver. With bolt-in frames, you’re free to move and adjust as needed and according to any changes, without having to fully replace and reinstall the framing. Explore our solutions today for securing commercial roof-mounted exhaust fans.

Applications in New or Existing Construction

Whether you’re adding a rooftop exhaust fan to an existing building or working on a new build, there’s a QuickFrames option for you. For retrofitting projects, our bolt-in QuickFrames will integrate seamlessly into your project. Adjustable and versatile, these steel frames are made with telescoping rails, so they can adjust to fit when unexpected changes occur. All you need for install is a ¾” impact driver, and you’ll be set to continue mounting your rooftop fan.

Our drop-in frames work well for new construction projects because they come prefabricated to exact measurements freeing up valuable shop and labor time. To ensure frames meet the needs of the job, we collect project details to create installation-ready frames built to your specifications. Once they arrive, you can simply “drop” them in place using a forklift or crane.

Whichever option is best for your application, using QuickFrames for roof exhaust fan installation is safer and, in the long run, more budget-friendly than welded angle irons. We make installing your framing simple enough to save on time and labor, so you can get them in place as soon as the frames arrive. Most can install a frame in 20 minutes or less, so you can use your crew the way you need to and move projects along.

Choose QuickFrames for Your Rooftop Exhaust Fan Project

The team at QuickFrames has more than seven decades of combined experience in developing quality, durable frames for industrial roof exhaust fans and other rooftop equipment. We take pride in our expedient, custom approach that has helped us deliver more than 50,000 successful frames throughout the United States and Canada. Each of our frames is manufactured using precision tooling that gives us the right results every time preserving the integrity that you expect from an industry leader in steel framing solutions.

QuickFrames are suitable for most commercial roofing systems, whether they’re made from concrete, metal, wood or similar materials. Discuss your options today with one of our team members, or tell us more about your project when you request a quote on our services.

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