Structural Engineers: Give Your Customers 4 Reasons to Thank You

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Structural Engineers: Give Your Customers 4 Reasons to Thank You

By Bob Hasulak, Partner & Director of Operations, QuickFrames

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and of course, we’re all gearing up for a beautiful excess of turkey, mashed potatoes and homemade pie. But if one thing takes center stage this time of year other than the five-star meal and the joy of gobbling it up with family, it’s gratitude. And this season? You can give your customers extra reasons to be grateful for you. Here are four, which coincidentally only happen if you specify QuickFrames roof support frames…

1. Exact Engineering

Our RTU support frames are pre-engineered by Caruso Turley Scott, our firm of record which is registered in all 50 states. If our standard load sheets don’t meet a project’s required engineering, Caruso Turley Scott can provide site-specific reports and calculations, including seismic and hurricane engineering for Dade County and Los Angeles County. The best part? All this is at no extra cost to your customers.

2. Reduced Costs

Speaking of expenses, angle iron frames are expensive to fabricate and install – and oftentimes cost even more when they must be removed later due to location changes. QuickFrames are far more cost-effective from the get-go and also during installation, since your customers won’t have to hire a welder to install them. Plus, if they need to be moved later, they can be. Oh and fabricators tell us they love that using our frames frees up their shop time for more profitable projects, too. Savings, savings, everywhere.

3. Peace of Mind

Do you know what one of your customers’ biggest pain points is? Waiting on mechanical locations. And yet, they have to go through this with any project that uses welded-in angle iron frames. When your customers use QuickFrames instead, they don’t have to wait on mechanical locations or sizes or worry if they’re wrong (our adjustability allows for a high margin of error). There’s no detailing necessary, and they can be installed after the deck. All of this adds up to peace of mind and absolute ease.

4. Improved Safety

Finally, who wants welding on their jobsite? With angle iron frames, that’s the only way. But with QuickFrames, there’s no welding required. This also means no fire hazards and no injury or property damage from welding slag. Even if they were all about the cool look of a welding hood, trust us – your customers will be overjoyed to have an alternative.

Ready to give your customers the gift of all these benefits and smoother projects? Check out our engineering, and request our NCSEA-accredited lunch & learn here. They’ll be thankful you did, and so will we. Happy Thanksgiving!