RTU & HVAC Support

Sturdy RTU Steel Supports With QuickFrames

Rooftop unit (RTU) support frames offer heavy-duty structural solutions for HVAC systems, fans, evaporated coolers and more, and QuickFrames manufactures the leading solutions for commercial equipment. We started our business specifically with RTUs in mind, looking for a new way to efficiently install steel support frames that takes care of coordination issues and rework that can be a common occurrence. Today, we’ve delivered more than 50,000 frames throughout North America, proving our product and engineering is a game changer.

With more than 70 years of combined experience in high-volume manufacturing, the QuickFrames team knows how to provide problem solving rooftop equipment support frames that are thought-out in the way they are engineered and designed for adaptability and ease of installation. Send in your plans for a complimentary evaluation and experience the level of customer support and ingenuity that QuickFrames offers.

RTU Support in New and Existing Construction

Traditional welded angle iron frames are no longer the only option for RTU support frames. Sure, they are thought of as cost-effective and what is commonly used, but with the weeks to manufacture and booking a welder are they the best option? And needing to be welded in place is not an option when working on a retrofit or if tile flooring is existing or already installed. Here’s where QuickFrames becomes a good option. Most gauges are stocked, QuickFrames are adjustable, and can be shipped direct.

Whether you’re working on a new build or T/I commercial building, QuickFrames’ are engineered for your project type. Choose from frames including:

  • Bolt-in/adjustable: Adjustable support frames are telescoping, making them easy to relocate after installation and easy to install taking about 20 minutes per frame after the first installation.
  • Pre-engineered drop-ins: Pre-assembled frames make an excellent choice for new builds. They’re constructed to meet your exact specifications and can simply be “dropped in” place by a crane or forklift.

The best way to evaluate the adaptability and ease of use of QuickFrames is to send in your design plans or cut sheet for a quote. If your project requires custom specifications our estimators are prepared to discuss our manufacturing and engineering process with you, and get your frames shipped to your job site when you need them.

Choose QuickFrames for Your Roof Equipment Support Frames

Just as our name suggests, QuickFrames is here to save time and help you work smarter. Wherever you are in your construction process, we’ll deliver our manufactured frames right to your site. Many of our rooftop equipment support frames are stocked and ready to ship, allowing you to keep your project going plus freeing up labor and budget.

Let us help you make large and small projects easier with installation-ready RTU support frames. They only take 15-20 minutes to install and can be adjusted and relocated when changes occur. Send in your design plans when you contact us today by requesting a quote.

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