Fully Assembled Drop-in Structural Roof Frames

Built to Your Shop Drawings, Delivered to the Jobsite, Ready to Drop-in and Weld

Affordable Drop-in Frames are Custom Fit to Your Shop Drawings

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Drop-in QuickFrames are pre-engineered and pre-constructed to your job specifications and are adjustable even after installation. They are also partially relocatable and reusable, providing more transportability than traditional welded angle iron units.


Drop-in roof frames are manufactured, detailed and fully assembled before they leave our shop and ready to “drop-in” by crane or reach-out forklift.


QuickFrames drop-in roof frames are designed to save valuable fabrication shop time so that you can move on to other parts of the job and stay on schedule.


Benefits of Drop-in Frames:

  • Available for New Builds Only
  • Come Fully Assembled
  • “Drop-in” Just Like Angle Iron Frames
  • Weldable or Side-Bolted Connector to Install
  • Adjustable In-field if Changes Occur
  • Can be Moved by Detaching Rail System
  • A Solution When Roofing Material Not Installed
  • Ideal for Commercial, Industrial, & Retail Builds
  • Designed to Work with Steel Joists or I-beams
  • Sizes Include 16Ga, 12Ga, & 10Ga
  • For Use with Open Web Steel Joists & Steel Beams
  • Site specific engineering is available for a custom fit
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