Commercial Skylights

Our Simple Commercial Skylight Installation Solution

When it comes to commercial building skylights, the right frame is everything. Many construction teams still use welded angle irons to install their skylights, which is often a time-consuming and laborious process. It’s also permanent, so you cannot move or adjust it in the future. At QuickFrames, we’ve developed an easier way to perform an installation that gives you more control. Plus, our precision-made framing solutions are manufactured faster and as durable as you need them to be.

Our steel structural frames are easy to install, even for those with minimal experience. Bolt-in frames are not welded in place, so they can be moved and adjusted especially when changes occur. Our options for commercial skylight installation include:

  • Bolt-in and adjustable frames: Our adaptable bolt-in frames are an excellent choice for existing or new construction projects. Having telescoping rails, you can expand or condense the frame to the right size and bolt it in place, typically taking only 20-minutes.
  • Pre-engineered drop-in frames: These frames are exclusively designed for new construction. They are prefabricated to fit your exact specifications and “drop in” place upon arrival.

How QuickFrames Benefits Architects and Builders

Everyone involved with your next project, from architects to builders and construction teams, are sure to see the value in using QuickFrames over angle iron frames. Installing commercial roof skylights using QuickFrames over traditional options are:

  • Safer: Angle iron frames have long been the standard in commercial skylight installation, and they require welding. Welding inside or on a roof can be dangerous, is in some cases not allowed, and requires additional safety measures including clearing areas and spotters. Without the need for welding, QuickFrames frees up added costs and helps keep jobs sites safer.
  • Cheaper: Experienced welders cost money, and it takes time for them to fit you into their schedule. With QuickFrames, your crew already has all the necessary experience, saving you time and money.
  • Faster: When using QuickFrames on a project, installation time generally takes a quarter of the time projected, so you can add labor to higher priority tasks and move projects along faster.
  • Easier: All you need to install a QuickFrame is a ¾” impact driver.

Use QuickFrames for Your Industrial and Commercial Skylights

At QuickFrames, we strive to live up to our name by getting quotes back within 24 to 48 hours for review, producing your frames according to your schedule, and swift delivery for your commercial skylight installation.

Our experienced manufacturing team has delivered frames across the United States and Canada. With more than 50,000 successful jobs under our belts, we are here to support your next large or small project.

Installing curb-mounted skylights is an exciting opportunity to bring new light and beauty into any building. Let us help you do it. Whether you’re still in plan development or ready to start your project, QuickFrames is right there with you. Request your quote today and see what we can do.

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