Roof Hatch

Our Simple Solution for Building a Roof Access Hatch

It helps to have precise framing when coordinating a commercial roof access hatch install. Angle iron framing is commonly used but it can take up shop time that you don’t have. Let QuickFrames take over the engineering, fabrication and detailing while being delivered to your project site when you need them.

Our commercial roof hatch framing solution offers an improved installation process being in-field adjustable to accommodate for last-minute changes. We use precision tooling to manufacture our pre-engineered frames, so you get the right result every time. We ship our frames partially or fully assembled so installation can happen as soon as they arrive.

Commercial Roof Hatches for New and Existing Construction

QuickFrames provides a solution for all types of commercial construction projects, whether a new build, retrofitting or tenement improvement project. When building a roof access hatch, these frames offer excellent support on most metal, concrete and wood roofs. Depending on your construction plan, you’ll have the option to install one of our:

  • Adjustable bolt-ins: These frames are designed for new and existing construction projects. They arrive partially assembled with telescoping rails that you can adjust to the ideal size for your flat roof access hatch. Once extended to the fit you need, all that’s required for installation is a ¾” impact driver.
  • Pre-assembled drop-ins: Drop-in frames are used for new construction projects where the roof deck has not been installed. These frames are named for their ability to “drop in” place using a crane or forklift. We use your design plan for manufacturing and ship them fully assembled for the fastest installation possible.

Installing QuickFrames takes less than half an hour. Plus, you can adjust them in the field and move as necessary so you can continue with your planned schedule – even when changes happen.

Use QuickFrames for Your Roof Access Hatch

QuickFrames is the alternative framing solution for commercial roof hatches, fans, HVAC units and more, and we’re proud to have served more than 50,000 buildings throughout the United States and Canada. We prioritize quality construction, impeccable customer service and affordable pricing for every client, ensuring you have a smooth experience from the moment you submit your quote.

Our manufacturing team works around the clock to produce high-durability framing solutions for your roof access hatch needs and more. Request a quote from one of our experts today and see how we can make the building process faster, easier and safer.

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