Case Studies

From Customer to Distributor: QuickFrames Yields 92% Time Savings & 50% Cost Reduction

“My team and I have been completely astounded by how much time, money and hassle QuickFrames save us, our company and our clients.” - Justin Garneau, President, JCG Building Solutions Inc. Justin Garneau was with a large design-build firm that regularly handled multi-million dollar construction projects. One of the greatest sources of frustration for him

Jeffords Steel Overcomes Painful Coordination Issues, Thanks to QuickFrames

“If the location information can’t be provided, why doesn’t everyone just use QuickFrames? They can be moved, expanded and changed. It’s like magic.” - Mark Dutton, Project Manager, Jeffords Steel The Status Quo Mark Dutton, Project Manager with Jeffords Steel, was tired of the typical way steel fabricators were forced to handle structural rooftop unit

ACIS Saves Time & Money on HVAC Retrofit Project by Using QuickFrames

As experts in the field, ACIS knew that structural roof support frames were necessary, but never an easy or smooth part of the process. In fact, they were often the opposite. Their team needed to coordinate angle iron roof frame installations on their projects, which proved especially challenging with retrofit jobs.

Fabrication Company Saves $375,000+ and 6 Weeks of Scheduling by Using QuickFrames

When one of the leading structural steel subcontractors in the Southwest ran into challenges with traditional angle iron frames, they turned to QuickFrames, saving them enormous cost and time.