No More Welding & Detailing Angle Iron

Reduce shop time with QuickFrames Bolt-in, Adjustable Rooftop Unit Support Frames

Use Your Steel Fabrication Shop Time for More Profitable Projects

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How many times has welding and detailing angle iron roof frames syphoned valuable shop time? Especially when changes occur.

QuickFrames can help save time and the hassle of waiting on (or getting caught negotiating) mechanical locations.


Benefits of Using QuickFrames:

In-field Adjustable
– No more waiting on mechanical locations
Telescoping Rails
– No more getting stuck negotiating mechanical locations
Pre-engineeringed & Pre-assembled
– Use your shop labor more profitably
Installs with a 3/4″ Impact Driver
– Lower your installation labor costs
No Welding Required
– Safer installs under the deck and during TI
Average Install Takes 15-Minutes
– Gain flexibility to move onto other projects
Manufactured In-house
– Receive your frames when you need them

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