From Customer to Distributor: QuickFrames Yields 92% Time Savings & 50% Cost Reduction

JCG Case Study

“My team and I have been completely astounded by how much time, money and hassle QuickFrames save us, our company and our clients.”
– Justin Garneau, President, JCG Building Solutions Inc.

Justin Garneau was with a large design-build firm that regularly handled multi-million dollar construction projects. One of the greatest sources of frustration for him and his team over time was dealing with changing circumstances on their projects.

For instance, mechanical contractors often changed their minds, opting for heavier units and larger openings after the roof opening locations were already mapped out. In many cases, the locations of the roof openings were changing and the roof joists had to change as well, requiring adjustments in order to accommodate new unit sizes. On one job, reinforcing the joists alone cost $170,000. On another job, there was no coordination at all from the engineering side, leaving Justin and his team in the dark and left to scramble at the last minute to fabricate roof frames that would work based on the sizes and locations.

In Need of Change

Clearly, the status quo wasn’t working. Using traditional angle iron frames meant that they’d have to cut them out and fabricate new ones whenever there was a change order – which was all the time. On a particular project in 2022, a client needed Justin and his company to come through and perform a second pass install for all the roof openings. The challenge was that the deck was already down, and the job had between 600-700 roof openings that had to be framed out. They were already dreading anticipated changes and rework when they got lucky.

A colleague recommended QuickFrames bolt-in, adjustable structural roof frames for rooftop unit openings. Justin and his team were intrigued by the concept, and eager to give it a try, as they were well overdue for a change. Installing the first frame took about 30 minutes, and they got faster and faster with every frame, ultimately installing QuickFrames in just 15 minutes per frame.

Proving Their Value

By using QuickFrames, Justin’s company made a lot of money and saved a lot of time, getting to key milestones faster. Once success was proven on this initial project, other project managers began using QuickFrames too, with their entire team of PMs using them across multiple projects at any given time.

When Justin left that company, he and his new team believed in the products so much that they wanted to become distributors for QuickFrames. They are now distributors in Canada, helping other design-build firms and construction teams experience the same relief and cost & time savings as they did.

Based on their calculations from projects completed, using QuickFrames instead of angle iron roof frames can yield the following results:

Extreme Time Savings

  • > QuickFrames can be installed by a single person – with a ¾” impact driver and no training – within 15-20 minutes, whereas angle iron roof frames require a skilled welder and at least one or two more people, taking two to three hours for installation per frame.
  • > As such, it would take 25 hours to install 100 QuickFrames versus 300 hours to install 100 angle iron roof frames, meaning 92% time savings!
  • > This doesn’t even include the fact that angle iron frames need an additional two weeks for galvanizing and another two to three weeks to send back.
  • > Furthermore, if locations change, QuickFrames can simply be removed in about 10 minutes and then reinstalled quickly, versus how welded-in angle iron frames have to be cut out or abandoned entirely (and then replaced with new frames).

Extreme Cost Savings

From a pricing perspective, a typical angle iron roof frame costs between $1,300 and $1,400 per frame, while an average QuickFrames roof frame costs around $700 – just about a 50% reduction in cost!

“My team and I have been completely astounded by how much time, money and hassle QuickFrames save us, our company and our clients,” said Justin Garneau, President of JCG Building Solutions Inc. “We’re excited about getting these into the hands of every construction team on every construction project in progress. QuickFrames are what the industry needs, and we’re thrilled to be a Canadian distributor.”

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