A Few of our Favorite Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

A Few of our Favorite Customer Reviews

by Rebecca Hasulak, Marketing & PR, QuickFrames

We love structural roof frames but there’s one thing we love more: our customers. In fact, we’ve worked really hard to provide the best customer service we can and deliver value at every possible turn. So far, we’ve been rewarded with kind words and real customer reviews (95%+ of which are five-star). We’re very thankful for the support, and we wanted to share some of the great feedback we’ve received. Here are a few of our favorite reviews.

Putting the “Quick” in QuickFrames

“The customer service at QuickFrames is great. They always reply promptly and produce our orders quickly.”

“We were in a bind on a buildout project. QuickFrames shipped us two frames the next afternoon. They arrived two days later. The installation took less than half a day. All aspects of the transaction with QuickFrames were superior.”

“Great to work with. A few times, we found out last minute that we needed a frame and they got them out the door as quickly as possible.”

“Just taking an opportunity to say thanks. We appreciate your prompt and cost-effective service. ”

Going the Extra Mile

“QuickFrames has exceeded my expectations. My experience starts with their representative, who is great to work with and extremely responsive. Most importantly, he does what he says he will do. QuickFrames is fantastic with digging into the drawings and determining exactly what is needed for supporting my equipment. They ship on time with their supports logically bundled and identified for location. The installation instructions are spot on. I highly recommend them for support of roof equipment.”

“My customer service rep was well versed in the product and in construction principles. He was willing to go the extra mile and get answers even when drawings were not clear on dimensions or framing requirements. Great experience, great product. These frames cut down significantly on field install on my renovation projects.”

“My sales rep was with us every step of the way and was quick to answer any questions.10/10. Highly recommend.”

Rolling out the Red Carpet

“QuickFrames offers a great product and their service is attentive, even for small orders like mine have typically been.”

“Your superior customer service and great product elevate your company to the top of our list.”

“Helpful staff got us the needed engineering, submittals, etc. to get unfamiliar engineers to accept the product.”

Request a quote here, and we’d love to roll out the red carpet for you, too!