Beyond the Basics: 3 Unexpected Uses for QuickFrames

Beyond the Basics: 3 Unexpected Uses for QuickFrames

by Chase Sebastian, Partner & Director of Influence, QuickFrames

Since our company started, we’ve become well-known in industrial and commercial construction for our rooftop equipment supports. But this is far from all we do. In fact, many of our customers also use our frames in a variety of creative applications. Check out a few below.

  1. Supporting Food Manufacturer’s Conveyor Systems

One of the largest manufacturers of food and beverage products in the U.S. currently uses our frames in their plants to hang their conveyor systems. We started with our off-the-shelf frames and then customized the design in order to fit their unique needs.

  1. Holding Power Cables in Warehouses & Plants

Many warehouses and manufacturing plants have heavy, long and cumbersome power cables running through them. Some of our customers in this situation asked us if our frames could support the raceways that hold these power cables securely in place, out of the way of their employees and materials. We not only were able to adapt our frames for this application; but we’ve also done the same for numerous customers since.

  1. Roof Hatches, Drain Openings, Floor Penetrations & More

If you’ve heard about our ability to support rooftop units, like skylights, exhaust fans and HVAC units, you’re not alone. This is a big part of our business and what many of our customers come to us for – but it’s hardly all our frames can do.

In fact, our roof frames are designed to support roof drains, roof hatches, floor openings and more. Wondering if QuickFrames can support an opening, ductwork, plumbing or something else? Ask us; there’s a good chance we can!

Could you use QuickFrames in one of these ways, or do you have an idea of another creative application you need? Give us a call; we’d love to talk and explore all the possibilities.