Top 10 Reasons Not to Use QuickFrames

Like most businesses, we’re proud of our product. But instead of presenting you with smarmy sales messages, we thought we’d take a different approach. Here, we’ll tell you the top ten reasons why you shouldn’t use QuickFrames.

1. You’re made of money.
We’re less expensive than traditional frames. If you’re looking to waste money, don’t come to us.

2. Long installs give you time to reflect.
QuickFrames can be installed in 20 minutes or less. We’re not your roof frame candidate if you want to drag out an installation time.

3. Because “now” really means “next month.”
“Quick” is in our name, which means we get you what you need ASAP. We carry many QuickFrames sizes and configurations in stock and can often ship next day. If you’d rather wait a long time for someone to custom-make your frames and then run into scheduling issues, don’t call us.

4. Owners aren’t concerned about deadlines.
Changes happen all the time during construction and we are able to respond quickly to evolving requirements or schedules. If the owner of your project isn’t really concerned about deadlines or schedules, you might want to go somewhere else.

5. Nothing in a hospital is flammable.
Our frames do not require welding, so they’re safe and perfectly suited for buildings with flammable materials, remodeling and all types of commercial construction. If you like to gamble and play “let’s see which welding spark will cause a fire” during a remodel, we’re not your guys!

6. Paperwork is fun and makes me feel busy.
What good would the “Quick” in our name be if we loaded customers down with endless paperwork? Ordering our product is fast and simple. Give us the plans and we’ll do the take-off and detailed drawings! Oh – unless, of course, you love sitting with stacks of paperwork in front of you. If so, find another way to do roof frames.

7. I look sexy in a welding hood.
Maybe you do! But we know we don’t, so we ditched welding and created our bolt-on, non-welded frame. If you just can’t get enough of that welding hood style, then by all means – keep on with the old method of roof frames!

8. Shipping welded frames cost next to nothing.
During shipment, QuickFrames take up less space and therefore cost less to deliver to your job site compared to pre-assembled, welded frames. If you can’t part with the idea of fleets of trucks delivering roof frames to your job site, then welded-in frames are still your best bet.

9. Because locations and sizes are known on day one.
Life changes, and we know that roof opening locations and sizes do too. Our frames are adjustable, so you can still use them when (not if) locations and sizes change along the way. If you hate flexibility and just love starting from scratch when changes pop up, you don’t want to work with us!

10. Because nobody blames anybody for anything!
When things go wrong, finger-pointing inevitably begins. With QuickFrames, you’ll experience a smooth ordering process, easy installation and stay on schedule. Are you the type of person who likes a good fight and enjoys taking the heat when project changes cause delays and cost overruns? Well, then you’ll want to use traditional, welded-in frames – and all the problems can be all yours.

Do all of these statements sound right to you? If so, never use our product. If, however, you’re part of the real construction world, and could benefit from using QuickFrames, do yourself a favor and either give us a call, schedule a lunch & learn, or request a price list! We’d love to talk with you and get started righting so many of the wrongs that traditional, welded-in frames have caused you.