Spooky Facts About Angle Iron Roof Frames

Roof Frames

Halloween has come and gone, and there’s only one thing scarier than your overzealous neighbor’s creepy, larger than life mad scientist display that’s still lingering in their yard: angle iron roof support frames. They may not wear a witch’s hat or fly on a broom, but don’t be fooled… they’re covered in (metaphorical) cobwebs. Here’s why.

They’ll rob you blind (as a bat).

Traditional, welded-in roof frames are costly. For starters, they’re expensive to fabricate and often take up valuable shop time that could’ve gone to more profitable projects. And then there’s installation… Not only do you need to hire a skilled welder to install them, but you also have to plan to get said welder up to the roof (along with his or her electrical wires). If that isn’t cumbersome and costly, we don’t know what is.

Their hazards should scare you stiff.

What happens if you’re working on a T.I. or retrofit project, and need to install roof frames? Oftentimes, your hands are tied. If you use angle iron roof support frames, you risk injury and property damage from welding slag. You also expose the building to fire hazards. It’s all the worse when the building contains sensitive items like food, medical equipment, etc. Even on new construction projects, who wants any of these dangers present on their job site? No one, that’s who.

Using them will come back to haunt you.

Perhaps most chilling of all is what can happen when you take the time to fabricate angle iron RTU support frames and weld them in, only to learn your mechanical locations are wrong. At this point, you’re left with only two ghastly options: 1. Cut the frames out (which is inconvenient, costly and time-consuming), or 2. Abandon them entirely (and therefore lose the money and time you’ve already invested into them). Either way, angle iron frames will quickly become the skeleton in your closet.

All we’re saying is, angle iron roof frames should come with the disclaimer, “Caution: May Cause Nightmares.” But of course, as you might have suspected, there’s a better, nightmare-free way. Our bolt-on, adjustable structural support frame products solve every single one of the problems that angle irons have brought into your life. It’s time to break the spell of the status quo and get a QuickFrames quote… we dare you! We hope you had a safe and happy Halloween!