Advantages of New Tech in Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Technology

Advantages of New Tech in Structural Engineering

by Bob Hasulak, Partner & Director of Operations, QuickFrames

As a team of people who value innovation and are helping to modernize the commercial construction industry, we love staying on top of trends. In particular, it’s exciting to discover new ways that folks in our field are finding solutions to age-old problems and exploring new possibilities. To that end, we’re taking a closer look at the advantages of incorporating new technology in structural engineering.

1. New Perspectives

While drone technology is not exactly new, its prevalence has definitely increased in recent years. When structural engineers use drones to view construction sites aerially, they literally become privy to a new perspective. This is especially helpful if you’re planning to work on a site that is not easily accessible or is geographically distant from your office’s headquarters. Taking photos can help you see the full scope of the project, take measurements and build digital models.

2. Safety Improvements

The inherent risks on job sites have been some of the most challenging aspects of commercial construction for a long time. Thanks to new technology, much of this risk can be monitored or even abated. For example, wearable devices can help assess laborers’ health and safety information in real-time. Also, if someone is in the path of heavy machinery, smart backup systems or RFID tags can detect the danger and alert the worker, preventing disastrous outcomes.

3. Accuracy & Efficiency

Few words mean more to structural engineers than accuracy and efficiency, which is why it’s extremely fortuitous that technology has made both attainable in recent years. Through tech like 3D printing, which has advanced considerably since it first became available, engineers can “create accurate design details and larger-scale commercial projects.”

Furthermore, digital solutions are making it possible for the industry to tap into the wealth of data at its fingertips. By collecting and analyzing all this information, teams can make even greater strides with accuracy and efficiency.

What are some of the other benefits you’ve seen from integrating new technology into your practices? As tech and structural engineering both continue to advance, it’s exciting – and rewarding – to achieve progress and find synergy between them.

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