Events are Back & Better than Ever: Here are Some Benefits of Attending

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Events are Back & Better than Ever: Here are Some Benefits of Attending

by Rebecca Hasulak, Marketing & PR, QuickFrames

We all can agree that, aside from the illness itself, one of the worst parts of the pandemic was the way in which it closed people off from one another. Virtual meetings were scheduled instead of in-person ones, and events were canceled – later to be repackaged either virtually or in a hybrid fashion. Now that in-person trade shows are thankfully back in action, companies in commercial construction would be wise to make them a priority. After all, there are few better methods for how to find a good vendor. Here are some of the perks of attending events this year.

1. New Connections

When you send your team to a trade show, you’re laying the groundwork for building meaningful relationships. Not only can you meet peers, but you can also find relevant vendors, partners and even customers.

Also, one of the silver linings to come after the event shutdowns and their reemergence is that many companies are being more selective than ever about who they send to shows. This is an especially popular strategy for those looking to keep spending low, and it benefits all attendees because it means more decision-makers are likely to be at events than ever before.

2. Exposure to New Solutions

If you walk the exhibit halls at a trade show, you’ll of course discover new products and interface with companies with which you aren’t familiar. But, you’ll also have the chance to learn about new solutions. When we exhibit, we find that many attendees are excited to find out about our roof frames (rooftop equipment supports), if they haven’t been introduced to them yet.

In this case, it’s not only a new product they’re learning about, but it’s also an entirely new way of solving an age-old problem. When they head back home after the event, they’ll be more knowledgeable and have more solutions to bring to their team than they did before.

3. Educational Opportunities

Finally, in-person events allow you and your team to learn from other experts in the field, gain deeper understanding and modernize your operations. Sometimes, trade shows will even offer continuing education credits for certain sessions.

One of our Partners (who is also our Director of Influence), Chase Sebastian, will be presenting an educational session at the upcoming NASCC show in April about “Solving Coordination Issues with Roof and Floor Penetrations.” If you’re planning to head to North Carolina for the event, make sure to bookmark his speaking slot to learn more (and say his to us at Booth #2023).

Whatever your goals are for growth, there’s a good chance that attending trade shows and other industry events can help you achieve them. If nothing else, they’ll help you forge strong connections, discover new solutions, elevate your expertise – and have some good, old-fashioned fun, too.

Drop us a line and let us know which trade shows you’ll be attending, so we can make sure to keep an eye out for you.