ACIS Innovative Solutions Discovers Better Roof Frames for HVAC Retrofits

ACIS Roof Frames for HVAC Retrofits

ACIS Innovative Solutions Discovers Better Roof Frames for HVAC Retrofits

ACIS Innovative Solutions is an industry-leading commercial air conditioning solutions provider based in Dallas, Texas. The company has been providing HVAC, retrofit replacement and other services for 20 years.


Angle Iron Frames Cost Money, Time & Hassle

As experts in the field, ACIS knew that structural roof support frames were necessary, but never an easy or smooth part of the process. In fact, they were often the opposite. Their team needed to coordinate angle iron roof frame installations on their projects, which proved especially challenging with retrofit jobs. They were working in buildings that had limited access points, and welding was not a possibility in many of them.

Even when they could weld in frames, they had to get a welder up on a scissor lift, drag electrical cables up with them – and then pay for the lengthy and costly process. It was an all-around pain for everyone involved.


QuickFrames Improved Ease, Budget & Schedule

Jack Acquaye-Norte, a Project Sales Engineer with ACIS, had heard of a new option. Another project manager had learned about QuickFrames adjustable structural support systems, and spoke very highly of them. On the Iris USA project, Jack decided it was time for ACIS to try them.

Some of the areas of the job were hard to get to, and required cutting out drywall. The only way to get to the space was to put an extension ladder up against the other side of the wall. It would have been enormously difficult to get a welder in the area. But with QuickFrames, they simply extended the frame and had a team member go up with an impact driver. The installation was done.

“QuickFrames was exceptional to work with,” Jack said. “Tristan from the team walked me through every step of the process, and was there with immediate help when I ran into a question. It was a great experience; I really can’t see using angle iron frames again.”



ACIS was in a time crunch when they needed frames for this project. They called and asked if the frames could be to them within a week, and QuickFrames worked even faster. ACIS’ frames were on a delivery truck the very next day. This helped keep ACIS on schedule, and prevent unnecessary delays.

Furthermore, Jack heard nothing but positive feedback from his team in the field who performed the QuickFrames installation. They were really impressed by how simple it was, with one even saying, “You just hit the frame with the impact driver – and it’s done. There’s nothing to it!” The ease of installation – and time saved – was a breath of fresh air for everyone on the job, especially when compared to the angle iron installation process.

“It’s an awesome product and, for the first time, we actually enjoyed dealing with roof frames. I never thought I’d be able to say that,” Jack said.

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