The Solution to Roof & Floor Coordination Issues in Commercial Construction

The Solution to Roof & Floor Coordination Issues in Commercial Construction

by Chase Sebastian, Partner & Director of Influence, QuickFrames

We’ve written recently about the problems that come with traditional angle iron roof framing, covering the most common roof and floor coordination issues, design, labor and installation challenges and safety, installation and budget headaches. Don’t worry, though; we’d never leave you hanging with only the bad parts. 

Yes, there are countless problems that come with welding in a conventional roof frame in commercial construction – but there’s also a much better way. Here’s how QuickFrames solves all of the problems our prior few blog posts detailed, and how you can get started trying our bolt-on, adjustable roof frames on your next project. 

The Roof Frame, Reimagined

QuickFrames were created to replace angle iron roof opening frames and the broken status quo that developed with them. Instead of coordination problems, timing mishaps, wasted budget and more, couldn’t engineered structural roof frames be pre-engineered? Bolted in? Pre-assembled or easily assembled in place? Adjustable? 

They could – and they are, with QuickFrames. A broad variety of benefits have come along with this innovative new product. Specifically, QuickFrames allow for:

  • Installation under the deck
  • No need for skilled (and more expensive) labor
  • Adjustment to as-built site conditions 
  • Easy accommodation of changes
  • In-field adjustments or relocations
  • Reduction in project delays
  • Increased safety (due to no welding) 

The Most Superior Frames Available Today 

If you’ve been considering getting engineered structural roof frames, know that there are numerous reasons that QuickFrames leads the industry in this area. To start, we use only graded, certified steel and have had 60,000+ of our frames installed on major job sites. Our frames are also site specifically engineered, and we offer maximum speed and flexibility for our customers’ projects. 

With QuickFrames, you can enjoy: 

  • Confidence in our Engineering & Reduced Liability Concerns – Our engineering firm of record is highly reputable and licensed in all 50 states. Since our engineering is ironclad, you don’t have to worry about liability concerns.
  • Flexibility – We’re accustomed to responding quickly to the inevitable changes that arise without adding friction to the process.
  • Diminished Coordination Hassle – Additionally, we handle the designs, so you don’t have to get drawn into the hassle of it. 
  • Improved Safety – Since there’s no welding needed for QuickFrames, your risks of fire, personal injury and property damage are dramatically reduced. 

If you’re still welding in angle-iron roof frames, it’s time to try the modern, safer, faster, more cost-effective solution. Get a fast, no-obligation quote on our roof frames or give us a call today!