More About our NCSEA-Accredited Lunch & Learn Program

NCSEA Lunch & Learn Training

More About our NCSEA-Accredited Lunch & Learn Program

By Bob Hasulak, Partner & Director of Operations, QuickFrames

If there’s one thing we’ve heard from structural engineers, it’s that they’re always on the lookout for professional development hours. Not only does each state have its own requirements for license maintenance, but courses like this also help engineers stay current on emerging trends, techniques and tools. This is why we had our lunch & learn presentation accredited by the NCSEA’s Diamond Review program several years ago so we can offer structural engineer training. Here’s a little more about our course, and our frames (rooftop equipment supports).

What You’ll Get

This is one case in which there truly is such a thing as a free lunch. Simply by scheduling a lunch & learn with us, we’ll either send your team lunch (if you’re all in the office) or send each attendee a DoorDash gift card (if you’re all joining remotely). It’s an easy way to get a seriously free lunch.

Additionally, each attendee is eligible to receive one hour of continuing education credit through the NCSEA. After the presentation is complete, we’ll send out a certificate with your name, your company name and our provider code certifying that you’ve attended the course.

What You’ll Learn

As if lunch and professional development hours aren’t enticing enough, our attendees love how much they learn in our session. In the one hour, our speaker will cover:

> The history of structural frames for rooftop openings
> Our solutions (bolt-on, adjustable or drop-in QuickFrames), and their various applications
> Common field challenges
> Examples of real projects, along with cost and time savings

We also save time for a Q&A at the end and share ways attendees can invite their customers to try QuickFrames. Furthermore, we provide information about how to access our engineering and other documents, and get a quote. Our structural engineer training is always a good time, and we aim to provide a lot of value along with the free meal and continuing education credit.

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