Meet Our Drop-In Frames, an MSC Hot Product for 2021

Drop-in Frames

Meet Our Drop-In Frames, an MSC Hot Product for 2021

by Rebecca Hasulak, Marketing & PR, QuickFrames

Most of you are familiar with our classic Adjustable structural support frames, but have you met our newest product? QuickFrames Drop-in Frames are a new, fully assembled version of our classic frames that work beautifully with steel joists or beams with metal decking in new builds. Here’s a little more about why they’re hot, hot, hot – and why they earned recognition from Modern Steel Construction as one of 2021’s Hot Products.

Convenience & Adjustability

We designed our Drop-In Frames for fabricators and erectors who are accustomed to dropping in frames before the roof deck is down. But, they’re still QuickFrames. This means that, by using our Drop-In Frames, you get the convenience of fully assembled frames while still allowing for adjustability in the field.

This is a game changer because it prevents some of the most frustrating hassles and expenses on new construction projects: changes in mechanical locations, measurements and/or equipment sizes.

If traditional angle iron frames are welded in and then such changes occur, they have to be cut out or abandoned. But if QuickFrames Drop-in Frames are installed, you can simply detach the rail system, attach new bolt-in connectors and install the frame elsewhere. The product isn’t wasted, and neither is your time.

Additional Benefits To You

Fabricators who use this product can save valuable shop time for more profitable projects, rather than fabricating frames in-house. It’s affordable and, given the current steel shortage, you can save your limited steel for projects that truly need it. These frames are a win-win-win, every way you look at them.

Our classic Adjustable frame has been installed 50K+ times and counting, and we expect our Drop-In Frames to be just as widely embraced. Check out our feature in the August 2021 issue of MSC (page 56; we’re the “Hot Support Frames”), take a look at the differences between our frames here or start a fast quote here.