HVAC Contractors: Here’s a Quick Way to Make More Money

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HVAC Contractors: Here’s a Quick Way to Make More Money

By Gregg Kussmann, Partner & Director of Business Development, QuickFrames

For most HVAC or mechanical contractors, someone else usually gets tasked with the process of installing structural rooftop unit framing on a building project. Although this may have been the status quo for many years, the game has changed. Keep reading to find out how, by increasing your scope of work to include installing rooftop equipment supports yourself, you can yield higher overall HVAC profits while saving all the hassle coordinating with other trades during installation time.

Expanding Your Scope of Work

Over the years your domain has primarily centered on heating or cooling systems, refrigeration and piping within a building… until now. This is because, previously, structural roof frames had to be installed by an experienced welder with the training and equipment necessary to weld in angle iron roof frames. Today this is no longer the case, in part due to technological advances which allow you to add structural support frames to your scope of work and your bottom line.

QuickFrames’ engineered structural support frames don’t require welding; they bolt in. They’re also adjustable, giving you plenty of flexibility if you don’t have exact mechanical locations or sizes from the get-go or need to move them around once onsite. The best part, though, is that they can be installed after the deck is down (hello, tenant improvement projects!) in roughly 15 minutes with nothing but a ¾” impact driver.

In other words, anyone can install them – which means, of course, that you can install them. This is important because it allows you to add one more line item to your bill and bring in extra revenue with every single job you work on, all for very little sweat off your back or time invested. There’s nothing to lose, and a considerable amount of profit to gain.

Getting Started

If you’re in the HVAC space and interested in expanding your scope of work (and your profitability), we’d love to talk with you. Learn more and geta a quote here, or contact us over the phone or chat anytime.