How Adjustable Roof Frames Can Benefit New and Existing Structures

Durable and sturdy roof framing is essential for ensuring the structural integrity of the building. Whether you’re working on a new or existing construction, designing and fabricating a structural framing system can be time-consuming and laborious. 

At QuickFrames, we manufacture adjustable steel frames for nearly all types of commercial roofs. Our innovative line of flexible roof framing solutions is excellent for easy and convenient installation while providing the necessary support for your roof. 

What Are QuickFrames Adjustable Roof Frames?

QuickFrames adjustable roof frames are pre-engineered structural steel frames designed for commercial applications. We produce a line of bolt-in adjustable frames that feature telescoping rails that adjust to the size and bolt into the structure from below the decking. Installing these frames does not require welding, making them ideal for existing commercial roof framing projects. 

We also offer assembled drop-in frames that are perfect for new construction industrial framing. We manufacture them based on your exact specifications, but they can also be adjusted in the field if measurements or locations change. 

Benefits for New Commercial Structures

A great deal of work goes into planning and constructing new commercial structures. As an essential component of the overall project, roof framing also requires careful consideration and effort to ensure the roof’s integrity. Adjustable roof frames are engineered to eliminate challenging aspects of a new rooftop installation. When you use QuickFrames for new construction industrial framing, you can benefit from: 

  • Time savings: Our adjustable frames are preassembled, enabling you to avoid delays with fabrication, lengthy installations and other common challenges that disrupt the construction project schedule. 
  • Easy installation: Installation and welding in frames requires considerable time and skill to execute properly. Anyone using a 3/4-inch impact driver can install our no-weld framing solution, and our drop-in frames work well for new constructions without decking. 
  • Customization: These innovative roof frames are built to fit your project’s specifications while being adjustable in-field to location and measurement changes.

Benefits for Existing Commercial Structures

Working on existing commercial structures comes with its own unique challenges, including safeguarding the infrastructure in and around the site. Our roof framing solutions provide seamless roof penetration to support all your mechanical equipment, ensuring it is incorporated into the roof’s design. Here are some other benefits of our roof framing for commercial structures: 

  • Cost savings: Our roof frames require zero welding, saving you money on labor costs and other equipment needed, such as special riggings, extension cords or protective gear. 
  • Efficiency: When a deck has been installed, traditional framing is usually a lengthy process, with frames being individually hand-built on the field. You can complete an installation within 15 to 20 minutes below the existing deck when using adjustable roof frames.
  • Increased safety: Since the frames integrate easily into the roofing system without welding, there is a decreased risk of fire, injury or damage to the property. 

Get Started with QuickFrames!

QuickFrames offers unmatched convenience to make rooftop installations an easy and efficient process. Our roof framing solutions are excellent for new and existing structures with great flexibility. For safer, faster and cost-effective roof framing, contact us online and request a quote today.