Did You Know…? Quick Facts about QuickFrames

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Did You Know…? Quick Facts about QuickFrames

by Rebecca Hasulak, Marketing & PR, QuickFrames

We have countless happy customers and have sold thousands upon thousands of our structural rooftop equipment supports. But still, many folks in metal fabrication, HVAC and all other areas of commercial construction are pleasantly surprised to learn more about our roof frames. To get you up to speed, here are some of the lesser-known facts about QuickFrames that just might delight you.

We Offer Quick Shipping

We’re well aware that time is of the essence on commercial construction projects, and that even slight delays can end up being costly and create major problems. This is why our company is built on speed – and even named accordingly.

Not only do we make ordering a breeze, but we also keep many roof frame sizes and strengths in stock, so we can typically ship jobs out the next day. There are even more ways our frames help expedite customers’ projects, all of which were recently highlighted in Modern Steel Construction’s “Need for Speed” issue (check it out on page 67).

We’re a One-Stop-Shop for Roof Frames

When you work with QuickFrames, you don’t need to do your own detail work, engage your own engineers or coordinate your own freight. We take care of every part of your roof frames, from start to finish.

We have top-notch engineering already done and can handle site-specific configurations if needed. You can find our engineering documents here and our submittal package here. We do our own detailing work and manufacturing, and we get you squared away on the fastest, most affordable delivery methods available. We also have an experienced customer support team that is ready to help answer questions and guide you every step of the way.

We’re Versatile

While our flagship product is our adjustable, bolt-on roof frames that can be installed after the deck is down (and moved easily), we also have fully assembled, drop-in frames available if preferred. We often build custom parts and collaborate with our customers on ideas for solving tricky framing problems, too. In fact, we have a roof frame for nearly any application on commercial jobs you can think of – so just ask!

Are you ready to try QuickFrames on your next project and take advantage of all these benefits? Learn more and download pricing here.